The Virginia Port Authority's "GO" Green Operator Program is an interactive guide to help you evaluate the carbon emissions tied to the international shipment of cargo to the United States.

While care is taken to ensure that the figures are accurate, the costs and usage figures quoted are based upon averages and approximations frequently cited as industry standards and should be taken as a guide only. Further, the calculator considers routing and mileage on a direct point to point basis. It does not take into account actual vessel routings which may include additional ports thus increasing mileage and thus potential emissions. The sources relied upon for the data are provided herein under SOURCES inclusive of website links where available.

The Virginia Port Authority accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy of data. While the results from the calculator are only an estimate, they will give you an idea as to the fuel consumption and carbon efficiency of transportation modes and ports in the United States.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Virginia Port Authority Environmental Affairs department at hwood@portofvirginia.com.