Methodology & Assumptions


2.645 short tons = one empty teu
Truck: 161.8g CO2/st-mile
Rail: 22.94g CO2/st-mile
Ocean: 11000 TEU (12.5 gCO2/t-km) 6000 & 4500 TEU (16.6g CO2/t-km)
1 Nautical Mile = 1.852 kilometers
1 Kilometer = .621371 miles
1 short ton = .907185 metric tons

Fuel Prices:
Ocean: Bunker fuel index price as of 12/17/2012
Truck: Highway Diesel Prices as of 12/17/2012
Rail: Diesel prices as of 12/17/2012
Barge: Currently Undocumented


Ocean Component (Nautical miles x emissions of CO2 based on size of vessel) + Inland Transportation (miles from port to destination x emissions of CO2 based on choice of barge, rail or truck)


Ocean Distance: Distance: Sea Distances Voyage Tracker
Road Distance: Google Maps
Rail Distance: US Federal Railroad Administration
Emissions for Truck and Rail: EPA SmartWay Shipper Tool
Emissions for ships: Second IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2009
Diesel Prices:
Bunker Fuel Prices: